European Olympiad
24.06.2022 year

On June 23, 2022, the winners of the European Statistics Olympiad, team DataPower of the National Trade and Banking High School, along with their mentor Dr. Vasil Bozev, received their awards.

The National Round of the European Statistics Olympiad for Students took place between January 4 and February 27. 1043 students from 406 different teams participated. The National Trade and Banking High School took part with six teams and earned first place in the Olympiad’s National Round. The European Statistics Olympiad is the biggest event of its kind in the world, with 17000 students from 19 different countries competing in it this year.

Team DataPower comprises of the students Martin Kostadinov and Victor Hemikov from section 11-з, along with Gabriella Atanasova from section 12-а and their mentor, the statistics teacher Dr. Vasil Bozev.

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